The MJ Show #117 – Mushroom Pizza, MMA and Catfish Danners

Recorded October 23, 2013 – We talked about Beer, our weekend, street fairs, Catfish dinner, Mushrooms, MMA, UFC 166, video games and so much more.

Podcast duration: 1:43:55 | Released Monday, October 30, 2013

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The MJ Show #117


The MJ Show #49: MJJ w/ Brett, Isi, Steve, Lance, Sean, Trevor

Rec June 13 – We discussed the Kings, The Stanley Cup, beer, marijuana, MMA, bantomweights, mushrooms, salvia, weed, Vegas, camping, Utah beer, Joeys trip, hiking, porn, Mexico, temples of the sun and moon, craps, war, mushroom tea and a quan segment.

The MJ Show #49 – MJJ w/ Brett, Isi, Steve, Lance, Sean and Trevor

The MJ Show #35 – MJJ w/ Isi

Rec Mar 20 – We discussed beer, breweries, acid vs mushrooms, salvia, bath salts, fruit ninja, video games, Jon Jones, UFC, MMA, B3 Judgement, conveniant stores, Obama in Mississippi, Ron Paul, Healthcare, abortion, Ron Paul and more.

The MJ Show #35 – MJJ w/ Isi